“Keep Austin Weird.” With a slogan like that, how could the capital of Texas not be home to a thriving Changeling community? It’s Springtime in Austin, soon to be Summer, the Lord of Winter has just been abducted right out of his office chair.

Needless to say, the unusually mellow relationship between the Seasonal Courts is about to turn sour, as speculation sets in and accusations fly. To be fair, it’s likely that someone had a hand in this; or at the very least, none of the other court rulers are too broken up about it.

Further, relations between the Lost and the Kindred haven’t been too cordial lately. It seems that someone has discovered the profound effects that Changeling blood can have on the embraced, and the less disciplined members of both factions have already endured a few altercations.

As always seems to be the case in storybooks, a small band of protagonists has entered the scene, and must decide what to make of the current chaos.

Inviting Madness

JaredTwing El_Guero